Offering a Full Range of Services

At Tonic Recording Studios, our mission is to elevate and amplify your sound. We are structured to support all your needs, including:




Our recording capabilities include:

  • Full Length CDs
  • EP
  • Singles
  • Live Tracking
  • Radio Spots
  • Audio Books
  • Voiceovers
  • Jingles
  • Promotional Demos
  • Beat Programming

We also offer discounted block rates.


Besides mixing with musicians in-studio, we offer those services to clients off-site, domestically and internationally.

Our professionally engineered, acoustically treated mixing room allows for complete monitoring accuracy by a team of experienced professionals that use the latest plug-ins and gear.

With analog summing provided by the Dangerous-2 bus, we can give your studio or home recordings the same quality as your favorite professional recordings.

Production & Post-Production

When it comes to production, our experienced producers can help to guide your vision for creating a product that’s polished and of which you can be proud.


We have access to a large database of songs written by award-winning songwriters, giving you the flexibility you need to achieve your goals.


Let us help you create master recordings in a studio that has produce multiple Grammy Award winners.

Workshops for Songwriting & Production

If you’re passionate about recording but need more knowledge to do it yourself, we offer individual and group classes taught by professionals in audio management and sound engineering.


When it comes to amplifying your music, we can help you generate awareness and sales through our strategic partnership with a full-service marketing and communications firm, M:7 Agency:

  • Videography & Photography
  • Digital Marketing
  • Promotional Materials
  • Media Relations
  • and more

Home Studio Tech Support

Learning to produce a great-sounding record is a process. There’s a lot you should know, and it can be discouraging when you have a great song that doesn’t sound as good you imagine it can.

Or, maybe you’re having trouble with your interface, software or routing. Regardless of what the problem is, we want to help you make the record you deserve.

Leave the troubleshooting to us so you can get back to writing and performing.

Licensed Sync Music & Video Post-Production

As specialists in creating music for broadcast, film and gaming uses, our talented, experienced writers, composers and engineers help you bring your vision to life and complement our modern equipment.